Panhandle Powerwash offers car wash equipment and car wash supplies for all major brands of equipment as well as vending, pressure washers, vacuums, and chemical supplies. We are the Mark VII distributors for the north central Idaho and eastern Washington territory, providing assistance from start to finish on carwash installation, warranty and service. The major brands we carry include: J. E. Adams Vacuums, Doyle Vacuums, Industrial Vacuum Systems, Cat Pumps, Arimitsu Pumps, American Changer Corporation, Hamilton Coin Changers, Unitec Electronics, Karcher, Mark VII, Eco Lab and Blue Coral.

Panhandle Powerwash offices and warehouses are stocked with all the car wash equipment you need to successfully run your carwash from chemicals for auto washing to chemicals for industrial use.

Also available are hot and cold pressure washers and pumps. We are a distributor for Karcher Pressure washers, Karcher parts, and Karcher accessories. You can download the complete Karcher catalog with the 3 links below.
Complete Karcher Catalog Part 1 of 3
Complete Karcher Catalog Part 2 of 3
Complete Karcher Catalog Part 3 of 3

Panhandle Powerwash is a Zep distributor which include products from ArmorAll Pro, Blue Coral, Rain X, Black Magic, Zep and Niagra National.

We also offer Mark VII chemicals for the carwash side and degreasers and aluminum brighteners for the industrial side.

Panhandle Powerwash has been in the carwash business since 1966 and distributors since 1989. If you are looking for car wash equipment Joe is your man, give him a call.

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