Carwash Equipment

Mark VII Carwash Systems

We have partnered with Mark VII to offer you Hybrid, Soft-touch and Touch-free Rollover Systems. Mark VII is the North American subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle washing equipment.

Hybrid Rollover Systems – ChoiceWash XTMark VII ChoiceWash

Mark VII SoftWashSoft-touch Rollover Systems – SoftWash XT / SoftWash DF

Mark VII AquaJet
Mark VII TurboJet

Touch-free Rollover Systems – AquaJet XT / TurboJet XT

AquaJet Self-Service systems incorporate many of the technological and design advancements of Mark VII’s highly successful AquaJet XT Rollover and Softline Tunnel systems. And, with its sleek design, low-maintenance and reliable components, it’s attractive to customers and operators alike. Mark VII products are now even more friendly to the environment with most models offering water saving features.

Mark VII AquaDriMark VII AquaDri Dryers

Blowers adjust to obtain the best nozzle angles for pushing water to the edges of the roof and down the sides of the car. Static on-board configurations move back and forth over the car after the wash is completed, while the contouring version profiles closely to the car during this process.